Our Immune Balance Curve

As a baby, our immune systems start weak with immune balance building through childhood and the teenage years.

When we enter middle age, we experience the beginning of a decline in immune balance.

However, unhealthy lifestyles lead to a stressed and unbalanced immune system at any life stage, leading to many disease states.

Immunity Matters
Key to Immune Balance
Key to Immune Balance:

ImmunoNutrition is defined as the effect of the provision of specific nutrients on immune function. Most importantly, all ImmunoNutrients should be demonstrated to support immunity by scientific and clinical studies.

Key to Immune Balance
Key to Immune Balance
A new method for immune

Most immunonutrients support the immune system indirectly by providing the body and immune system with certain key nutrients such as certain amino acids, vitamins and minerals. In addition to the indirect immunonutritional support that Stolle provides, Stolle also contains complex bioactive immunonutrients that directly support a health immune system by balancing immune responses.

The answer for direct immunonutritional support.

Stolle was developed and Inspired by the theory of mother-infant immunity in 1958 and goes a step further and redefines the meaning of “ImmunoNutrition”. For more than 60 years, we have been committed to quality control and optimization, and we have meticulously looked after every consumer just like they are our own family members. With more than 20 clinically proven health benefits, we are committed to achieving a health promise for every consumer and to providing the best usage experience, usage experience. We vow to keep moving forward and never stop!